The Real Issue Is That You Cannot Stay At Home, Without An Income
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Intelligent Party
2020-06-25 04:47:13 UTC
The real issue is that you cannot stay at home without an income, and if you go to
work, you will die.

The government's totalitarian approach, whether towards beaches, churches, or of
making it an issue of rule and control, rather than of protecting employees, is a
distraction that detracts from the real issue, and gives people something to fight
and protest about; that COVID is a clear and present danger, that will kill you,
if you go to work, but that to stay at home will likewise kill you to have no food
and housing.

It is extremely concerning that the government is now saying it is safe to go to
work, that "the economy is opening," and that things somehow are safer or have
somehow changed. Things are only now more risky than when the original stay at
home "orders" were issued.

Whether or not the government says you can or cannot go to work, it is still not
safe to go to work. And whether or not the government say you can or cannot go to
work, it still does not work to stay at home.

It is extremely concerning that many Americans are between a rock and a hard
place, that they cannot work with the danger of COVID, and they cannot stay at
home without incomes, and not work.

Additionally, if everyone returns to work, the healthcare costs will be enormous.
Better to give people money, to stay at home, see if they find additional work
from home, as well as essential activities, and more work move online for the
Internet Age.

If everyone returns to work, the Daily New Infection rate will no doubt increase.

The economy is "opening up" solely for economic reasons. It is about to be
catastrophic. An economic plan is necessary to save our nation. Addressing COVID
could severely cost our nation, but that is what we must face. Death by lotto, or
tax to the citizen directly is undesirable. The whole cost should go into the
National Debt, the negative side of which is inflation and higher interest rates.
2020-06-25 04:52:07 UTC
and cannot afford the unnecessary meltdown of a first world economy.

This is necessary to allow people to stay at home from work for 4-12 months during
COVID, and for 1 full year after COVID to get the economy moving again.

This is $5 Trillion per year, $416 Billion per month for the $1,250. The
forbearance costs nothing, (in fact less than Congress' current plan of backing
and insuring $3 Trillion in credit) and the banks will borrow from the Fed.

The banks are not holding troubled assets, as during the mortgage crisis.

This is and ought to be an Economic Pause, and not a Great Depression.