Japan hangs 6 liberal socialist members of cult behind subway gas attack
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Maybe They Can Hang Obama & Hillary
2018-08-04 21:03:57 UTC
TOKYO – The last six members of a Japanese doomsday cult who
remained on death row were executed Thursday for a series of
crimes in the 1990s including a sarin gas attack on Tokyo
subways that killed 13 people.

Thirteen members of the group had received death sentences. The
first seven, including cult leader Shoko Asahara, were hanged
about three weeks ago. Japan has never executed so many people
in one month, Justice Minister Yoko Kamikawa said. She called
their crimes unprecedentedly heinous and said they should never
be repeated.

The cult, which envisioned overthrowing the government, amassed
an arsenal of chemical, biological and conventional weapons in
anticipation of an apocalyptic showdown. Named Aum Shinrikyo, or
Supreme Truth, it was blamed for 27 deaths before authorities
raided its compound near Mount Fuji in 1995 and captured Asahara
nearly two months later.

The group's most notorious crime was the March 20, 1995, subway
attack that sickened 6,000 people and sowed panic during the
morning commute. The attack woke up a relatively safe country to
the risk of urban terrorism.

Cult members used umbrellas to puncture plastic bags, releasing
sarin, a deadly nerve agent, inside subway cars just as the
trains approached the Kasumigaseki station, Japan's main
government district. Commuters poured out of stations, and the
streets were soon filled with troops in Hazmat suits and people
being treated outside.

Kamikawa said it was a terrorist attack that terrified people
even outside Japan.

Four of the six executed Thursday released sarin on the subway.
The two others were convicted in other crimes, including the
1989 murders of an anti-Aum lawyer and his wife and 1-year-old
baby and a 1994 sarin attack in the city of Matsumoto in central
Japan, which killed seven people and injured more than 140. An
eighth victim in Matsumoto died after being in a coma for a

The executions were announced only after they had happened, as
is the practice in Japan.

Asahara, whose original name was Chizuo Matsumoto, founded Aum
Shinrikyo in 1984. The bearded, self-proclaimed guru recruited
scientists and others to his cult, attracting people who were
disillusioned with a modern, materialistic lifestyle.

During an eight-year trial, he talked incoherently, occasionally
babbling in broken English, and never acknowledged his
responsibility or offered meaningful explanations.

The cult once claimed 10,000 members in Japan and 30,000 in
Russia. It has disbanded, though nearly 2,000 people follow its
rituals in three splinter groups, monitored by authorities.

Kill every Democrat who voted for Obama and Hillary. They are
mentally ill and drag down the gene pool.

2018-08-05 00:34:20 UTC
Post by Maybe They Can Hang Obama & Hillary
Kill every Democrat who voted for Obama and Hillary. They are
mentally ill and drag down the gene pool.
You should go away and seek psychiatric treatment. Once you are cured
of your current illness, then go and get yourself an education. A basic
one might do if you have sufficient innate intelligence to assist you to
undertake basic analysis of information available. You do need to learn
to understand what you read and currently, it's evident that you either
can't, or don't, read, or don't understand what you do read.

All the information you need to know to show you that the cult
responsible for the deaths in Japan was neither liberal nor socialist
nor anything to do with either Hillary or Obama is there to be found on
the internet. In fact it is far more likely that the cult has more in
common with Republican rednecks of the USA than it does with any
Democrat voters/supporters.

To give you a head start on your education, here are some clues:
"Supreme Truth" was a doomsday cult. That means it was neither liberal
nor socialist. The founder of the cult had his cult approved as a
'religion' by the Japanese government in 1989. Fundies do love to belong
to a religion. That is not so needed or desired by liberals and not
sought by socialists.

The founder wrote a book called "Declaring myself the Christ" in which
he says he is Christ and the Lamb of God and he forecast Armaggedon.
Fundie Christians also like to forecast Armageddon. Bible bashing
fundies aren't socialist or liberal. The founder also promulgated
conspiracies about Jews and Freemason. Liberals and socialist don't do
that. Redneck Republican voters do that.

That should point you in the right direction if you're smart.
2018-08-05 04:26:00 UTC
Post by Fran
Post by Maybe They Can Hang Obama & Hillary
Kill every Democrat who voted for Obama and Hillary.
You should go away and seek psychiatric treatment.
Most likely that it is already too far gone so the necessary padded cell
accommodation would be for life!

Post by Fran
Redneck Republican voters do that.
...and worse.
Post by Fran
if you're smart.
It would not be madly trolling and spewing such vitriolic hate if it was!

PS: I have already dealt with this creep in fitting manner in its septic
home groups.

Ördög, without any apologies