The LNP will never learn: Unconditional/unthinking commitment for a dying industral sector
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2020-02-09 22:09:34 UTC
"Federal Labor critical of Coalition's coal study, while not ruling out
blocking mines and power plants"
/By political reporter Matthew Doran/
Source: <http://tinyurl.com/qqauowq>

*Key points*

- Deputy Labor leader Richard Marles argues the Coalition is
preparing to fund new coal projects in a bid to satisfy
conservative backbencher

- Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce believes anyone speaking out against
coal is being hypocritical, seeing as Australia exports it

- The Greens say Labor is sitting on the fence in refusing to rule
out blocking new coal projects

"The Federal Opposition has accused the Coalition of opening the door to
subsidising new coal-fired power stations, as Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce
argued cutting carbon emissions was being prioritised ahead of affordable
power. ..."

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Idiots like Barnaby and ScoMo are stuck in a time loop of desperation
trying to please their coal-baron friends come what it may at taxpayers
expense. What even more ridiculous is how Barnaby is throwing the
accusation of "hypocrisy" around. He should be the last person to
complain that way given his untidy past in this respect.

Anyhow, Australia not only should stop building new coal fuelled power
plants but also should stop exporting thermal coal if we are serious
about slowing AGW climate change. There are more intelligent ways to keep
our economy rolling than just digging up endlessly the countryside for
thermal coal.
Welcome to real Hell on Earth! :)
That is when Lieberals and Countrymorons running the show.
They rain down on you *at your expense* hate, greed, bullying, nepotism
and plutocracy!
Ned Latham
2020-02-09 22:57:59 UTC
The ugly sow's lapdog, aka the Foreskin Peeler (you know, that
cowardly retard that sometimes calls itself "Ördög") tells
Post by Ördög
Idiots like Barnaby and ScoMo
No you don't.