This is the way Press Secretaries should respond to questions
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Rudy Canoza
2020-05-08 19:36:49 UTC
I figured rudely would go into hiding now that Flynn has been vindicated LOL !
Flynn has not in any way been "vindicated," you mackerel-reeking cunt. The
most corrupt AG in history, seeking to please Trump, corruptly decided to
stop prosecuting the clearly guilty Flynn.
Rudy Canoza
2020-05-08 20:02:02 UTC
The problem with her asking all those questions of the media, while
completely ignoring to answer the question she was asked, is that the
media was just as clueless as most everyone else early on back in
January and February, aided and abetted in that cluelessness by an
equally clueless phony potus reassuring everyone, though not very
convincingly, that everything would be a.o.k., that only 15 people had
it (when none should've had it according to what McEnany said about
fat Tubby stopping Covid from ever arriving), and that it would all be
over and done with before anyone knew it.  Meanwhile, 1.26 million
infections and 74,595 deaths later... she and fat Tubby are pissed
that the media finally smartened up, as is their job to do when things
begin to not add up in the real world, and that they got caught in
their own stupidity, so now it's back to deflect, deflect, deflect so
as to refuse to admit, admit, admit.
Dude, take a remedial English course.
The English is impeccable.
"The English is impeccable."?!
The sentence are too long, but there is not a
"The sentence are too long"?
I'll just stop there.
Minor typo - far less egregious than your huge grammatical errors.
Based on low level of composition of this post, along with its grammar
and semantic errors, I'm sure this post was not composed by AlleyCat.
I smell Rudy.
Smart man. Another giveaway is
the unimpeachable logic. Yes.

I am politically opposed to nearly all of what "wydell" believes, but he
really does write *far* better than you or Sanitary Napkin. Sanitary
Napkin always belabors minor typos, while committing egregious grammatical
mistakes himself. You are even worse. The only person who writes worse
and with greater illiteracy than you is #ReamMeUpTheAssSnotty.

If permission to post in Usenet depended on literacy and basic written
composition skills, you would not be permitted to participate.